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First In-Vetro Fertilization (IVF) twins delivered successfully in Takoradi

The first ever In-Vetro Fertilization (IVF) twin babies have been produced and delivered successfully in Takoradi.

This is the first ever which has been successfully done in the Western Region, where women with extreme fertility cases were referred to Accra and Tema.

UQ hospital yesterday 9th February 2019 cut a slice of medical history for itself by delivering set of twins(male and female) through IVF

More babies are expected to be delivered at the center in the coming weeks.

The overjoyed mother could not hide her joy and expressed thanks to God and the staff of UQ hospital led by Dr. Samuel Agyeman.

The In-Vetro Fertilization technology is when the sperm of the man and the egg of the woman are fertilized outside the womb between two to five days, after which the fertilized egg is given back to the woman to carry throughout the pregnancy till delivery.

Obstetrician gynecologists, Dr. Samuel Agyeman in an interview stated that the process is very affordable and is urging couples with fertility problems to take advantage of the facility to make their dreams of having babies come through.

“Pregnancy is nine months and so when a woman gets pregnant, you have to wait for nine months to get your baby, and this woman was supposed to be delivered in two weeks time but for some reasons she has to be delivered yesterday and she has two bouncing beautiful babies, yes she had twins who are also doing very well together with their mother at the moment. In the western region, we have had many cases of such kind coming to us as medical practitioners but we usually refer them to Accra and Tema, but thank God UQ hospital now has such technology here in Takoradi and have been successful in our first case”, he said.

He added, there are no age limits to technological process.

“Since this has been successful, we are going to deliver the rest in the coming weeks and we want others to benefit from the technology and it is very affordable, as you can see, the babies are doing very well and these are healthy babies like any other babies”. Dr. Samuel Agyeman indicated.


Source: Daniel Kaku

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