Termites eat widow’s GHC2,000 life savings

A 65-year-old woman has lost her entire life savings after some termites managed to get into the hole which she buried the money.

Fatima Nyande is reported to have buried her life savings of Gh¢2,000 in a hole under some firewood in her compound.

The incident is reported to have happened in Kpasa in the Nkwanta North district of the Volta Region.

According to the widow, she hid her daily sales in a hole because she did not trust the banks to keep it safe.

However, she was not lucky, as termites raided the said hole to destroy all the cash she ‘saved” there.

She explained that she has had an experience where one financial company made away with her Gh¢4,000.

This, she said, is the reason why she opted to bury her money in a hole.

“I started saving the money in the dug hole at home after dubious financial companies absconded with my Gh¢4,000.00,” she said.

Madam Nyande urged the public to save in banks, so as not to repeat the same mistake she committed.



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