Top Six Movies And Drama Series Exclusive To Kwese iflix

Africa’s best innovation in live streaming and video on demand (VOD) service, Kwese iflix,  has unveiled a great line-up of exclusive movies and drama series for its viewers.

For the viewer who wishes to stream unlimited content at his own convenience, the iflix app should be the right choice.

Below are exclusive movies and drama series you cannot afford to miss on Kwese iflix in 2019:

The Perfect Husband

In seconds, Ayla’s high school time will be a mess when, suddenly, Arsen comes to introduce him as her future husband. This event makes her relation with Ando, her boyfriend in jeopardy. Ayla is mad with her father, Tio, for matchmaking her without her consent. Meanwhile, Arsen won’t give up to win Ayla’s heart. Catch this 2018 romantic movie exclusive on the Kwese iflix app.

The Gift

When writer Tiana unexpectedly falls in love with Harun, a visually impaired man, on her 30th birthday, she has no clue that her orphanage friend, Arie, was going to propose to her on the same day. Caught between two men, she fails to handle the situation which ends up with Harun breaking off the relationship and more so, Tiana becomes uncertain about who she is and what she wants in life. She runs away from Harun to be with Arie and starts new life in Florence. But somehow, destiny will bring both broken hearts back again. Enjoy this romantic movie exclusive on iflix.

Tin Star

The story of Jim Worth, an expat British police officer starting a new life with family as police chief in Little Big Bear, an idyllic town near the Rocky Mountains. When his small town is overrun by migrant workers from a massive new oil refinery- the wave of drugs, prostitution and organized crime that follows them threatens to sweep away everything in its wake. Catch all ten episodes of season 1 of Tin Star on iflix.

Medici: Masters of Florence

The political, family drama set in an early 15th century Florence begins with Cosimo de Medici. He finds himself at the helm of his supremely wealthy, banking dynasty family after his father, Giovanni’s sudden death. Cosimo carries with him a dangerous secret—Giovanni was murdered. With time running out and his family legacy on the line, Cosimo must unearth the killer or risk losing it all. Watch season 1 of this epic drama series on iflix.


After newlywed Georgina’s billionaire husband, Constantine, is killed in a yacht explosion, she is shocked to discover that the fortune an lifestyle he maintained was surrounded by violence, lies and murder. She soon must step out of her comfort zone to protect the family and herself. Enjoy all ten episodes of season 1 on Kwese iflix.

Zac and Mia

In the real world, these two 17-year olds would have little to say to each other, but in the hospital where both are undergoing treatment for cancer, the usual rules no longer apply. Think Awesomeness TV’s take on The Fault On Our Stars. Catch season 1 of this drama series on iflix.

Kwese iflix offers users a comprehensive mobile internet TV experience that combines thousands of hours of top-quality international and local movies and TV shows.

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